Upcoming Classes

 ***Upcoming classes for 3-12 year olds at the Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre – Tuesdays 4-5pm term time, 2-4pm holiday sessions***

7th November – International Tongue Twister Day – taking inspiration from this day we can create our own tongue twisters to illustrate

14th November – Make your own spirograph – create your own DIY spirograph machine

21st November – 3D paper canvas – using cut out paper shapes we can create a 3D textured canvas

28th November – Art Focus: Van Gogh “Starry Night” – creating our own work in the style of starry night; taking inspiration from Van Gogh’s style.

***Young at Art: Upcoming classes for Adults at the Carmelita Centre, Vauxhall Walk – Thursdays 2-3:30pm***

2nd November Materials based session: Acrylic

9th November Drawing: Animals

16th November Artist Inspired Session – Kandinsky – painting to music

23rd November Colour Theory (painting)

30th November Clay Allegorical Tiles