“Asked Freddy what he liked about art club he said “It’s just fun mummy. Because I get to do lots of different arty things with my friends and even when I think I’m just making a mess they help me to make something good!!” as a parent on a low income with limited possibilities for me having such a rich art resource available to my child is fantastic. it is an after school opportunity for us to create something together with very knowledgable artists alongside us showing us the way to create something I wouldn’t even have thought to attempt. There have been things that we have made from over a year ago that my son refuses to part with. The only problem is our home is starting to look like an art gallery! Thank you for this wonderfully creative time you have given us to share once a week” Nicky, parent

“My kids found it quite enjoyable and relaxing. A place to explore their artistic tendencies, a place where they don’t feel judged regarding their talent. Amanda and the volunteers are very kind and patient with the kids. it is a wonderful place to be.” Angela, parent

“I LOVE cool it art because I’ve always been bad at art but now I’m no longer bad all thanks to Amanda I have improved 100% in my art skills” – Analyce, aged 8

“I would just like to express my uttermost gratitude to the Cool it Art Class leaders and all involved for providing such a wonderful, creative, fun environment for my two children to learn new ideas and expressions in art over the last few months. It would be greatly beneficial for children living in our area to have a place where they can feel they are able to use their abilities to create art and learn more which will enhance their knowledge in many areas of art. Having free art classes is one way we personally enhanced my children’s summer holidays as we are unable to afford to go away on holiday. These classes they attended have enabled my children to learn new things and have entertained their thought processes and made them even more aware of reusing household things they see in our home, for their little art attacks. Art classes are not easily accessible to people from our community, either because it’s not offered or either because its not affordable. Please do not let this be the end of what has been the best classes my children have attended to help them develop their creative sides which they so love to explore. I feel my children are very creative and it would be a real shame to let it go to waste! After all who knows, they might be the future’s next great artist and what a shame it would be if they were not able to channel their energies in what they love doing the most – Art! Cool it Art Classes are so needed in our community – Please do not stop funding such an important project. Our youth need art classes!” – Louisa, parent

“I am glad we found Cool it Art my children enjoy it, I think it helps them express themselves.” – Mshende, parent

“Before bringing my kids to the art club, they had nothing much to do on Tuesdays after school. Now they have much to look forward to; they find it fun, exciting; a way of expressing themselves through art and they get to play with many other children. I think it is a brilliant idea and very useful to the community as a whole. Thank you for the opportunity!” – Cordelia, parent

“Brilliant Art class – has helped my children grow in confidence. The classes give loads of ideas the children can build on at home!” – Angela, parent

“My daughter Belle attends these classes on a Tuesday evening after school. She
thoroughly enjoys the projects that are taught and looks forward to it every week. She
even insisted on attending with a broken arm. The classes are really well thought out and
organised, all the children seem to enjoy it so much. I feel that Belle gets a lot from these
classes and is learning how to express herself through different medias that are taught. I
really hope this can continue” – Gill, parent